Inscription requirements

Inscription processing form

Students interested in the Spanish Programme in the cultural context of the “Eje Cafetero” must fill out the registration form. Download it, and send it to:

At the point of registering, the University will send a programme acceptance letter as one of the visa application requirements.

Health insurance

All students must have international health insurance with repatriation, which must
be valid for the entirety of the stay in Colombia.

Valid passports and Colombian VISA for the course

Students that wish to study for a period longer than 3 months must apply for a student visa for their stay in Colombia. This application can be made in any of the Colombian consulates or embassies.

Students whose stay is less than 3 months and don’t have a visa requirement for Colombia, will be reported to Migración Colombia through a letter indicating the time of their stay and the reason for travelling. A copy of this letter will be sent to the students, so they can present it to the immigration officials on arrival to Colombia and to receive the visitor stamp.

Information and requirements for the VISA

Currently, in Colombia, applying for an entry visa in certain situations, Migración Colombia and the Colombian consulates, are authorised to accept or reject the commissioning of the visa. In order to study in Colombia, and therefore our
University, it is important to take into account the following information:

For citizens of those countries which do not need a visa, you can stay in the country for no longer than 90 days. In this case, for those interested in attending classes as particular students o as to study Spanish at the Autonoma University of Manizales, you must show, on your arrival to Colombia, the copy of the letter that will be sent by the University to the Colombian Immigration authority (Inmigración Colombia) announcing the arrival of the student in order that the immigration officer can let you enter as a TEMPORARY VISITOR which validates the participation in academic activities during your stay in the country. This letter will be sent by email.

When the stay is over 90 days, it will be necessary to obtain a STUDENT VISA. To see the requirements for this type of visa, visit the Ministry of Foreign Relations Colombia webpage.

For the holders of the visa whose stay is longer than three (3) months, as beneficiaries of such visa, they will have to inscribe yourself in the foreigners register at the Colombia Migration Administrative Unit (Unidad Administrativa, Migración
Colombia) within fifteen (15) consecutive calendar days of your arrival in Colombia or from the expiry date of your visa, as to fulfil the requirements for the Foreigner ID Card (which has a cost of $162.000 Colombian pesos [COP], the equivalent to $54
USD, approximately). The entity in charge of issuing such ID Card is Migración Colombia Furthermore, you must bring the following documents to the application appointment:

  • Original passport, valid and in good condition.
  • Stamped Visa in aforementioned valid passport.
  • One (1) photo, 3x4cm (White background).
  • One (1) photocopy of the Visa with a validation longer than 3 months, issued the Ministry of Foreign Relations.
  • If the Visa has been issued by a consulate in a foreign country, a photocopy of the Colombian entrance stamp is required.
  • One (1) photocopy of the passport’s biographical information.
  • Rh factor and blood group.