Universidad Autónoma de Manizales


The classes take place on the Autonoma University of Manizales (UAM) campus. The Spanish students have access to all the facilities and services at UAM, as follows:

Additional services

  • Use of the library, internet and computer rooms
  • Sports facilities (gym, six-aside pitches, basketball courts)
  • Language lab
  • University cultural agenda.


Cultural activities included in the programme

  • Visits to different tourist attractions in Manizales
  • Visits to tourist sites in the “Eje Cafetero” (Colombian coffee-growing region).
  • Participation in free courses
  • Participation in culinary/gastronomic workshops


Academic and logistical tutoring

The Language Institute at UAM offers a free tutoring service for students inscribed in Spanish for Foreigners virtual and on-site courses. The student can request individual tutoring, in order to learn and consolidate difficult topics and components
of the language, through phoning or sending an email to the relevant professor.

Extracurricular activities on Campus at UAM®

The students have the opportunity to participate in the following: conversation clubs; cultural activities; cinema-forums; music classes (guitar); contemporary, Latin beats and folklore dance classes; basic photography classes, crafts workshops, painting, wood workshops, the manufacturing of aesthetic items with recyclable material, etc., integration activities with foreign students.

Furthermore, students can participate in culinary workshops where they are able to learn about gastronomy and local specialties in a fun manner whilst being able to discover the jargon of the “chefs” from the region at the same time as  having the opportunity to apply their linguistic knowledge learnt in class.

Cultural trips

  • Colonisers Monument
  • The historic centre of Manizales
  • Los Yarumos Park
  • Recinto del Pensamiento Park
  • Basílica Cathedral, Manizales
  • Cable Car
  • Coffee region cultural landscape
  • Natural sites

To learn Spanish at UAM is an exciting and enriching experience. Our classes offer weekly activities which allow you to have close contact with our culture. We offer you visits to the best museums, natural parks, concerts, ecological walks, city tours,
events, as well as, practice in sports, dance and cooking. These social and academic excursions are ideal to practice Spanish and to have a better knowledge of the culture to which surrounds you. 

Journeys and attractions of the Eje Cafetero

The “Eje Cafetero”, as the name suggests, is renowned for being the principal producer and exporter of Colombian coffee, as well as for its warm people, beautiful, green and mountainous landscapes, thermal waters and mountain peaks. Endless
coffee plantations graces with vast waterfalls, multicoloured trees and towns peppered with flours and colours on their veneers.

The “Eje Cafetero” is a beautiful region comprised of the Caldas, Risaralda, Quindío and North-West of the Valle Del Cauca departments. The Capital cities of the first three mentioned departments are Manizales, Pereira and Armenia, respectively.
The students will have the opportunity to get to know the tourist attraction in each of these charming cities through diverse tourist packages which will contribute to an active learning of the language.


At the completion of the course, the student will receive an attendance certificate where it states the number of hours taken and the level of the course. This is once they have achieved all the hours required and have passed all tests according to the proficiency level, which will evaluate the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, alongside the grammatical and vocabulary components following those established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language